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Technology In All Grades (K-6)


A computer lab with high speed internet. A proxy server to limit students to only authorized sites. A typing tutor on each machine teaches computer typing skills. The computers also have "Libre Office" installed. "Libre Office" is a "suite" of programs which is compatible with world standard word processors, spread sheets, presentation programs, data bases, and graphics.       "Libre Office" site".
Each teacher has a computer on their desk. Each class has a projector attached to the teachers computer for high level educational presentations in all subjects.
All classrooms have at least two student computers. Students can do their own "Accelerated Math" tests and training along with their AR Reading Testing. This helps the students get accustomed to technology skills that are based on their individual abilities and helps them work on what they need instead of a general approach to math and reading. These two programs are supplemental to their classroom math and reading to them fill in anything that they have missed if they came from another school.

High speed internet is in all the classrooms and school offices. New Horizon has a dedicated server running "Renaissance Learning" (Accelerated Reading). Our school does not have the finances to buy new computers. Our technicians know how to use older 2 or 3 year old computers to work with our schools technology. The donation of computers and monitors to our school is encouraged, both Apple and PC's. The donation program is tax deductible and very useful to the school!!!
The library is tied into the computer based Accelerated Reader program. The pre-testing (Star Reader) helps the student choose the grade level and ability level books they can read. Students take a test for each book they read to see what book the student is ready to read next. This is an individualistic technology for reading that is the standard in the industry. It's easy to manage and helps students enjoy reading at "their" level.
Closed circuit TV network throughout the school.
Cox Cable throughout the school.
A DVR (a recording device from Cox) to record educational broadcasts for later viewing.
Professional sound equipment for high quality stage productions.
Professional lighting for high quality stage productions.
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