Practice Record Plus

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Practice time is essential to learn any instrument.

20 minutes a day is recommended but more minutes are also welcome.

A daily routine is a good thing.  Before school is good before the busy day starts.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to also learn the violin songs and help in any way they can.

The Suzuki System in a private lesson setting requires Parents/Guardians/Relatives to attend the small classes for each lesson so that they can help the student at home if there is a question of what and how to play.

Also reading books at home is also important in our student's development in school.

Our students also have names and passwords for online learning systems that we also use at school.

The violin system here at New Horizon is also online.

Practicing with the music is fun and very enjoyable.

Our Students Have A User Name and Password (K-6)

Our Students Have A User Name and Password (K-6)

Moby Max has all of the subjects including reading.

Our Students Have A User Name and Password (K-6)