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The Key of G

This is a more advanced song because of the key signature. Beginning songs for violin usually have 2 or 3 sharps. This song only have 1 sharp in the key signature. This is an important alert that the song is a more advanced song.

Because it only has 1 sharp A2 is lowered unless it has a sharp sign in front of it.

In the 3 Minuettes by Bach they are all in the key of G and have 1 sharp.

Everything on A and E are low 2nds unless there is a sharp added in front of the note (within the same measure will also hold).

Everything on the D is normal or high 2nd.

This is all true UNLESS there is a sharp placed (an accidental) in a measure. Whenever an accidental is placed in a measure it holds through that measure for all notes that match the accidental.

In the next measure everything goes back to the key signature unless there is another accidental. Remember . . . it holds through the whole measure but in the next measure everything resets back to the key signature.

It sound very confusing until you actually "hear" the notes played wrong, and then it makes plenty of sense. It sounds bad when it's the wrong note.

Another advanced thing in the Minuettes is the bowing. When two notes are tied together that are the same note but have a dot over them they are bowed the same direction . . . like up - up. or down - down. It is usually up - up.

The down-bow sign is very important in advanced music. It helps you know which direction the bow is supposed to be going. It looks bad if you are the only one with the bow going the wrong way.

Happy Playing
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