Dress Code

ALL STUDENTS must have NAVY Blue sweat pants, and dazzle navy blue shorts. You can order sweat pants on line, from Wal-mart or Target. However, you can purchase the NAVY blue school pants sold in both stores. They are cotton and found in the store where the school uniforms are sold. Suggested number of uniforms to purchase
♦ 4 pair of dizzle shorts
♦ 6 New Horizon T-shirts 3 RED and 3 NAVY BLUE (see order form)
DRESS CODE New Horizon follows a school uniform policy to promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment. Shirts display the school logo and come in navy blue and red. UNIFORMS must be kept clean, no holes in shirts, shorts or pants. *this will be considered out of uniform Due to the changing nature of dress and grooming which is particularly popular administrative decisions in matters not addressed in these guidelines are final.
♦ New Horizon School T-Shirts Red, Blue, short sleeved.
♦ Navy blue pants and navy blue dazzle shorts (to the knee)
♦ New Horizon T-shirts, navy blue dazzle shorts and long navy blue sweatpants are bought from the school. Shorts are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
♦ Flexible, lightweight tennis shoes no other shoes are allowed.
♦ Sweatshirts & hooded jackets (NO hoods are to be worn except in extreme COLD weather.)
♦ Stud earrings on girls are permitted. ♦ ONLY Navy Blue leggings are allowed.
♦ NO knee hi socks with shorts.
♦ NO stripes or designs on the pants or shorts.
♦ NO layered clothing shirts or pants, except for a tucked in undershirt.
♦ NO Heelie shoes – they are too heavy! NO knee high TOP tennis shoes or
♦ NO jewelry of any kind such as watches, necklaces, rings. If non-post earrings or other jewelry are worn, they will be removed and sent home with the student.
♦ NO perfume, cologne or makeup. Makeup is only to be worn for performances.
♦ NO fake fingernails / NO fingernail polish.
♦ NO hats are to be worn in class.
♦ NO tattoos and NO writing on hands, arms or any body parts.
♦ NO nose rings, tongue rings.
STUDENTS HAIR COLOR:  should NOT distract from the learning environment. Extreme color and cuts are not allowed. Hair restraints must be used for longer styles.
♦ NO radical hairstyles: no dyed hair –natural hair color only.
♦ NO shaved head on one side and long on the other.
♦ NO wild cuts, such as Mohawks, shaved heads.
♦ Spiky hair styles are discouraged. If you have a spiky hair style in the middle of your head the hair on the spike can be no longer than ¼ of an inch. Boys HAIR:
♦ Hair length should be above the collar and not touching the ears.
♦ Hair must be maintained so as not to reflect faddish styles and not to bring attention, such as the use of long Spikes, shaved heads, mow hawks, unnatural colors, etc.
♦ Hair is to be controlled so as not to cover the face or any part of it.
The administration will determine what hairstyles are suitable. *If it is unsuitable, the parent will be contacted to have the style changed.
 Any student who has lunch detention will be writing sentences or a letter regarding their actions.