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The American Revolutionary War

YouTube Playlist - The Edited American Revolution

Edited Revolutionary War

Edited Revolutionary War

Edited Revolutionary War

Edited Revolutionary War

Edited Revolutionary War

Edited Revolutionary War

The British Civil War

A Little History

On July 4, 1776 The American Declaration of Independence was Ratified
In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue
Greek Philosophers in Ancient Days
Greek Philosopher - Aristotle
The Tesla Electric Car
Tesla - Electricity
Physics Central
The British Museum
The English Civil War
The History of Slavery
The Original "Mason-Dixon Line"
The Civil War "Mason-Dixon Line"
The English Magna Carta - 1215 AD
William Penn (United States of Europe)
Roger Williams - seperation of church and state (Providence)
John Locke - Famous British Philosopher
The Glorious Revolution of 1688 in England
List of English Monarchs
List of American Presidents
Thomas Jefferson and John Locke's influence
The George Washington of British History: "Oliver Cromwell"
1776: Town Meeting with David McCullough (The Longfellow House)
The First President of the United States (before the Constitution) was John Hanson
George Washington - The First President of the United States (after the constitution was signed)
More Information of George Washington as he worked in his headquarters in the Longfellow House
People in History

The British Museum
A few excerpts of the Greek and Egyptian Sections

More Videos of Europe and New York City

Mr Wyler's Art Class

Art Lessons (2009-2010)
Art Lessons (2010-2011)

Mr Wyler's String Classes

String Class Page

Mr Wyler's General Music

General Music

Mr Wyler's "Can Be Fun" Sites

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